Agenda of the Meeting of Othery Parish Council
Monday 13th June 2022 by 7:30 pm in Othery Village Hall

1 Apologies:

2 Declarations of Interest: These will always be declared at the agenda item when appropriate.

3 Certifying the minutes of the meetings held on 9th May 2022:

4 Public question time and Neighbourhood Watch/Crime report and an update from Cllr Matthew Martin or Harry Munt: Updates emailed:

5 Matters Arising: Cemetery expansion:

  • Highways Issues:
  • Community Speed Watch:
  • Managing the Website:
  • Playing Field CCTV:
  • Unitory Powers to Parish Councils:
  • Village Youth Club:

6 Playing Field:
7 Cemetery:
8 Planning notice: Application Number 38/21/00007/DT Proposal: Erection of a self-build detached dwelling with attached garage and alterations to existing access. Location: Land off Bedwell Lane Othery. Application Number: 38/22/00007/EC. Proposal: Erection of 1no self-build dwelling and formation of access. Location: Ingleside Keens Lane Othery
9 Financial Matters:

  • Expenditure: Salary £ 255.46
  • Jubilee £ 239.49
  • Income: Plot 715 £ 225.00
  • Burial £ 225.00

10 Correspondence:
11 Correspondence for Circulation: Already circulated by email:
12 Urgent Matters at the discretion of the Chairman:

Date and time of the next meeting: Monday 11th July 2022 7:30 Parish Council Meeting.